Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The True Philosophy of Religion

I noticed that when talking about the philosophy of religion many publishers on the internet have imposed their religious beliefs on others based on explaining what a religious philosophy is to them. This I believe is not the true way to discuss the philosophy of religion. I believe there is no bad religion, not when their holy scriptures and doctrines encourages us to have faith in the greater good and that things can and will always get better. It is everything for someone to have hope, living in fear, handling all your problems without asking for help (praying), and over anxious stress is no way to live. Learn to let go of the bad traditions, come up with new ones, we are all in this together and knocking each other down based on our religious beliefs is almost the reason why every war has been fought throughout the ages. Instead of attacking each other based on our differences we should be celebrating our similarities and work together to make a better world for everyone.

I separate all people in the world based on 1 factor. Those who believe we are not here by complete random chance, and those that believe we are. Someone that believes we are on Earth as evolved as we by complete chance is really stressed out all the time, and because of their lack of faith, they are scared inside. They take everything in onto themselves. They believe every breathe they take is just like a cosmic experiment that went bad. People are always saying there is no proof that a God exists. I am here to say that we are the proof that god exists. Earth is proof that god exists. Stop and think, how did a sun get just the right distance away from our planet? Why is that during a lunar eclipse the moon completely covers the sun almost as if it is on some sort of godly equation and proportion. We are here for a reason my friend just let go, you have to ask yourself the right questions.

Do we need more of a certain type of divided religious belief? Absolutely not. I know all of us our raised into certain family traditions and religions and we need to always hold that dear to our heart. Do not forget where you come from, but at the same time, remember that religion was the first form of politics and is inherently flawed. Many wars have been fought, and countries have risen and fallen, due to supposed divine providence from God. This is a flawed way of thinking, and it allows religious leaders to act as dictators. Wars based on religion is how the government and even political leaders divide us all. If we are divided we can't win. Ever hear the term divide and conquer? Same thing applies here. It is still going on today with Muslims being labeled as "terrorists". Think about it.

And yes I was raised a true catholic. I went to private school, and I can think for myself.

Love and light, we can survive this oppression.

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